Craig ser fram emot att satsa på pub


Craig Donovan på Nordic Kiwi Brewers har haft ett år fullt med händelser och så fortsätter det under 2019. Här är Craigs svar i enkätserien, hoppas ni är okej med lite engelska.

1. Vad var det bästa som hände för ditt bryggeri under 2018?

– 2018 has been a year of expansion and change for NKB. We moved over to cans, moved the brewery and moved a Kiwi brewer to Sweden. It’s been a full-on year to say the least.

2. Hur mycket öl bryggde ni under 2018 och hur mycket räknar ni med att brygga under 2019?

– We brewed around 100 000 liters and are looking to double that in 2019.

3. Vilket bryggeri tycker du är bäst i Sverige? Motivera.

– Always a tough one… I’d have to say Omnipollo for putting Swedish craft beer on the global stage and continuing to forge ahead. Would also like to give a shout out to some perhaps unsung heroes Temple and Beerbliotek for their collabs – spreading the love and good vibe.

4. Vad tror du blir den största utmaningen för svensk öl generellt under 2019?

– I’d say the greatest challenge is navigating the market conditions here in Sweden and continuing to drive growth in beer sales in an over-supplied market. Larger breweries are turning to craft and craft breweries are turning to lager – so we have come full circle and there is a lot of fence jumping going on in trying to drive company growth. It’s a bit ironic that craft is now lager – wasn’t that why we all started craft breweries in the first place – to challenge macro lager? 

5. Vilket blir ditt bryggeris största projekt under 2019?

– Now that we have bigger digs and a better set up for hosting guests, we will start with tastings, tours and pub nights. Then, all things going well, we hope to upgrade the brewhouse to a larger system.

6. Vem i hela världen skulle du helst vilja dricka en öl tillsammans med? Varför?

– There’s a few… Richard Branson – my wife calls him the Dalai lama of business – he has this great ethos about looking after his people. Winston Churchill to keep that courage to continue in the face of adversity – stiff upper lip and all that. And perhaps Trump – how not to win friends and influence people – haha.