Craig längtar efter en öl med pappa

Sommar 2017

Vår sommarserie går vidare och här kommer första svaret på engelska. Craig Donovan på Nordic Kiwi Brewers berättar bland annat att han vill dricka öl med sin pappa som är på andra sidan jordklotet.

1. Vilken öl var den första som verkligen gjorde att du fick ett ölintresse? Varför var det så?

That would have to be Mac’s Gold. Mac’s Brewery was one of the early pioneers of craft beer in New Zealand way back in the early 80’s. I used to get a good ribbing from my mates back then about being a beer snob for drinking craft beer. I just thought it tasted way better than the other stuff. And I still do.

2. Vilken/vilka öl tar du allra helst med dig till stranden en varm sommardag?

I remember hitting the beach back home in New Zeeland, loaded up with beer in the chilly bin (kiwi slang for cooler). We’d drink it ice cold and straight from the bottle, chilling after a surf. Real summer of ’69 stuff! So, it would have to be a crisp, light, session ale with a bold fruity, hoppy nose that jumps out of the constraints of the bottle. And if I’m gonna do a product plug: that was the idea behind our Southern Pale Ale.

3. Vilken är den godaste öl du någonsin producerat/sålt? Vad är så bra med den?

Would have to say our Hokitika Hootch collab with Tuatara – a Nelson Sauvin single hop IPA brewed with an addition of acid malt. The slight tartiness from the acid malt in combination with the Nelson gives this IPA a freshness that is reminiscent of grapefruit and gooseberries. When Kerryn and I first tested it after dry hopping, we looked at each other and started giggling – we were like; holy crap this is good!

4. Vilket bryggeri har varit bäst i Sverige under 2017?

That really depends on how we might define ”best”? Best for sales? Best for quality? Best for hype? For the most part, brewers are putting their hearts and souls into their craft. I think the important thing is to carve a niche for yourself and be the best you can within those boundaries. Be true to yourself. How’s that for a politician’s answer ?.

5. Hur kommer Öl-Sverige att förändras de närmaste tre åren?

Perhaps we might see super trends come and go. Like the explosion of NE IPA onto the scene here. Is that (non) style here to stay – maybe, maybe not? But we noticed already a u-turn by some, returning to clean non-hazy beers. I would also hope that alcohol politics for the craft beer industry get a real shake up in the next few years. We should all have a voice here – the revolution will not be televised!

6. Vem vill du allra helst ta en öl med den här sommaren? Varför just den personen?

Ooohhh – too many to choose from… but I’d have to be super corny and say my dad, because he lives on the other side of the world and we seldom get to enjoy a good chat over a cold beer these days.