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Griffenfeldsgade 20
Köpenhamn, 2200 Danmark

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maj 2019

Köpenhamn: Grote Dorst Takes Over 1420!

The Best Bar in the World takes over 1420! You heard it: we are proud to announce the patrons of In De Verzekering Tegen de Grote Dorst in Eizeringen, voted #1 Beer Place in the World on Ratebeer, will be taking us over for the day! What can you expect? - Meet and greet with the Panneels family! - Exclusive Grote Dorst blends on bottle! - Exclusive bag-in-box and hand pump lambics! - A Night with Yves Panneels: a lecture…

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1420, Griffenfeldsgade 20
Köpenhamn, 2200 Danmark
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