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True Will – Official beer tasting

2016-10-12 kl 17:00 - 23:00

We are delighted to invite you to the official release tasting of our limited edition beer True Will – Victorian Christmas Pudding Porter celebrating Aleister Crowley’s 141th birthday.

The scope of this collaboration with Millesgården Lanthandel is to provide you a genuine holistic sensory experience comprising an elegant assemblage of beer and food degustation in a dramatic and magnificent art environment through an arrangement, movement and composition of heavy bronze sculptures with the lightest natural materials of water and air arranged in fountains and sky. Come and join us in this stylistic unique experience.

Love is the law, love under Will!

Graphic design: Adam Zaars


17:00 - 23:00


Macken Bryggeri


Millesgården Lanthandel
Herserudsvägen 28
Lidingö, 18134 Sweden