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Doggie day at BrewDog

2017-01-28 kl 14:00 - 23:55

We absolutely love dogs, there is no question about that. It’s even in our name!
Those lil’ buggers brings such a tremendous amount of awesomeness into our lifes and they deserve all treats known to dog kind.

Many of you know that we are 100% dog friendly, but we dont want to stop there, so we got our paws on a very special beer which is a celebration to two of our favorite dogs: Kilo and Cookie. Kilo is the name of Magnus from Benchwarmers Brewing Co’s doggy and Cookie is the little pawsome dudette hanging around her daddy Adam at Beerbliotek

Both dogs are staffordshire bullterriers from Ireland, and was helped over by the amazing Hundar Utan Hem that is a non-profit organization that solely focuses on adoption of Irish dogs being left out in the cold, as in Ireland they tend to treat dogs like crap.

So – they got the idea to celebrate these two dogs and the result will be served at out little dog friendly bar on Saturday!
It is a velvety smooth stout brewed with loads of Kilos of Cookies (see what they did there?) and we only have 2 x 20Lkegs at oru disposal.

Come celebrate dogs all over the world with dog themed beer in a dog themed bar where your four-legged best buddies will get treats and belly rubs all day long!


14:00 - 23:55


Brewdog Bar Malmö


Brewdog Bar Malmö
Baltzarsgatan 25
Malmö, 211 26 Sverige
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