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Sensory Workshop

1 april kl 14:00 - 16:00

Breweries often use sensory training as one aspect of ensuring beer quality. During this workshop you will learn about some of the most common off-flavors, how they occur and what they actually taste like. We will also discover how sensitive participants’ palates are to off-flavors by tasting them at different concentrations. Finally, we’ll spike a more complex beer with off-flavors to see how easy they are to detect relative to a more complex background.

Erika Brockberg (Poppels) and Nan Albertson (BeerLab) combine forces to run this workshop, in swinglish.

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Det finns 20 platser, first come first serve!
Kostnad: 120:- Betalas med Swish på plats.


1 april
14:00 - 16:00


Beer Lab


Spike Tap Room
Slakthusgatan 10
Göteborg, 415 02 Sverige
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