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Bokkereyder Framboos Frenzy!

2016-12-17 kl 12:00 - 23:55

Bokkereyder Framboos Frenzy hits Koelschip!

It’s gonna be one of the most exciting days of the year, so be there or be square!

Join us for not just one, but TWO events you can’t miss!

* Launch of FOUR Bokkereyder Framboos (raspberry) beers

* Private tasting (tickets only) with blender Raf!

We’re also selling exclusive Bokkereyder glassware from Zalto (Austrian wine glasses famed to be the finest in the world), along with some swanky Bokkereyder T-shirts!



We’re serving the following exclusive launch beers from the bottle:

– Framboos Puur : 2 year old pinot noir barrel aged lambic with raspberries

– Framboos Cognac : 2 year old cognac barrel aged lambic with raspberries

– Framboos Vanille : 2 year old pinot noir barrel aged lambic with raspberries and Madagascar & Tahitian vanilla beans

– Framboos Saison : Fantôme saison with lambic and raspberries

Every beer contains 400 grams of fresh Pajottenland raspberries, freshly picked in July this year!


(with Bokkereyder blender Raf)


Lambic beers have a sense of place unlike any other beer style. Although the breweries are located in the same Pajottenland area, every brewery houses its own mix of native yeasts and bacteria, freely flowing through the air and falling down in the wort during its overnight exposure to the air in the coolship. In this tasting we’re going to explore lambics from 4 different breweries. First we’ll taste all 4 lambics side by side, to discover the different flavors and characteristics. Then we’ll taste 4 geuze blends, made with the same lambics. Each geuze blend has 50% of one lambic, and equal proportions of the other lambics. Through this tasting we can discover how the different lambics develop together in the bottle. These bottles were bottled in August 2015, so they had over a year to develop in the bottle.

At the end of a tasting, we’ll taste something completely different. Since the beginning, Bokkereyder has been working closely together with Winery Hoenshof. Hoenshof is a small Belgian winery founded by Dr. Ghislain Houben in 2002 in the Haspengouw region of Belgium. He makes classic wines, but is never afraid of experimenting either. A while ago he filled a small 60 liter barrel with chardonnay, and let it age without ever topping up the barrel. It turned into a complex wine with oxidative qualities, reminiscent of the vin jaune wines from the Jura region. This is pretty cool.

Samples of lambic and geuze are 7.5cl each, the sample of wine 5cl.



12:00 - 23:55




Stefansgade 35
Köpenhamn, 2200 Danmark
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